Vanessa, 44, Fashion historian

Vanessa's interests include dancing, sewing and taking care of her three cats. She also collects vintage clothes. She would prefer to escape to California rather than being stuck in the snow over here. But as this plan remains a dream, Vanessa is excited about tomorrow when she is getting a Christmas tree. Big day!
Her music choice of the day is Damn you by Prince

Luke, 23, Graphic designer

Apart from graphic design Luke is interested in drinking soya mochas. He would like to have a superpower of mind reading or laser eyes. His secret talent is going to parties without drinking alcohol at all. Luke is preparing himself for Christmas by watching films like Home alone. Unfortunately he is not spending this holiday with his family as they are in another country at the moment, but hey! there are always friends around so he should be just fine!


Danielle, 24, Marketing assistant

Danielle loves fashion and her job, which is related to organising events like London Fashion week, or Paris, or name it! She also likes travelling, and her favourite destination is Brazil. It is not only because she is originally from there, but Danielle says the vibe in that place is insane, as well as people and their unique sense of style. In her spare time she loves partying with her friends and "can do a lot of shots in one go!"
Danielle's song of the day is Sex on fire by Kings of Leon


Kerry, 24, Writer/stylist

Kerry likes fashion photography, set design and modelling. She also has an interest in textile design, especially vintage fabrics. In fact, Kerry wishes she could be able to travel back in time, buy all the cool vintage things, and return to now. Kerry's party trick is playing rims of glasses.
Her music choice of the day is Echo beach by Martha and The Muffins

Check out Kerry's blog here


Holly, 31, TV producer

Holly loves music and films. The latest movie she's watched is "The kids are alright" and she predicts an Oscar for it. Holly wouldn't mind to have an invisible cape, similar to the one in the picture. It might be handy on a night out when she becomes a party girl who would not hesitate to have a little too much fun after a few cheeky drinks.
Holly's music choice of the day is Not in Love by Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith


Seung, 21, Fashion designer

Seung admits he is a 'super Korean' and is interested in fashion, particularly menswear. In his spare time he is busy wasting it. He can't wait to launch a fashion brand and already came up with the name 'Kuk', which derives from his surname. Seung is excited about Christmas and looking forward to spend some quality time with his family and friends. He loves winter more than summer and believes people look more stylish this time of year. 

Seung's music choice of the day is "Sex on the beach" but he couldn't remember who it is by. Any suggestions? 


Lara, 21, Costume designer

Lara is a freelance costume designer for theatre and films. She also enjoys contemporary dance, performance, installation art and acting - as a matter of fact she used to be an actress. Lara loves winter and is well excited about Christmas, apparently that is "the biggest thing of the year!" and a chance to spend a holiday with her family back to Germany.
Lara's song of the day: something she was listening to last night, but couldn't remember as the night was a messy success, so she decided to go with something by Katy Perry.