Dmitriy, 23, Lemur Collector

Dmitriy starts his day at 4pm and has a salad for breakfast. He likes boys, Harry Potter films and travelling. He would like to be in Thailand right now because he loves its party vibe and friendly people.
Dmitriy's music choice of the day is So close by Jon Mclaughlin


Carola, 26, Model

Carola's interests are love, passion, peace and freedom. She has a superpower but it is a top secret. Her summer plan is to surprise the world.


Tegen, 24, Manager

Tegen likes shopping and putting outfits together. She is also into theatre, art, bright colours, quirky jewelry and banoffee pie cupcakes for breakfast. For Tegen happiness is having friends around and staying a positive person no matter what happens in her life.
It is Tegen's birthday this Friday, she is planning a 'birds' party theme and dancing away to something funky and jazzy. Happy birthday!


Tanja, 21, Student/ Retail Merchandiser

Tanja is interested in styling, science magazines, music and guitars (mainly because of her boyfriend). In her spare time she loves looking through her wardrobe and finding clothes she completely forgot about in order to create a brand new outfit. Tanja's a big fan of photography, and she likes taking pictures of strangers when they don't even suspect that. She would love to explore Galapagos Islands one day, as she is a big fan of animals and nature. Her summer plans include learning how to sew her own patterns, getting some tan and mastering French language. 
Tanja's music choice of the day is Helplessly Hoping by Crosby Stills & Nash   


Ruairi, 21, Fashion Design Student/ Model

For breakfast Ruairi had a bowl of muesli with chopped banana and blueberries, which is his attempt to detox after an eventful weekend. On a night out he drinks vodka&tonic with loads of fresh lime, but if he feels adventurous it would be a frozen margarita. Ruairi's secret talent is to make a drink which looks like a witch's potion, that always seems to get attention. Apart from socializing Ruairi loves fashion, music, art and peroxide. He would love to go to Milan soon to visit his friend, and to experience the city that in his opinion is full of culture and interesting characters.
Ruairi's music choice of the day is La Valse d'Amelie by Yann Tiersen 


Pierre-Luc, 27, PhD Student in Luxury Marketing

Pierre-Luc is a great tea addict. He is passionate about the fashion luxury industry and loves reading French novels. He admires independent movies, particularly the slow and psychological ones such as Dancing in the Dark.  If he had a superpower he would love to be awake 24/7, full of energy and just carry on with his work. Right now Pierre-Luc wouldn't mind to live in Paris, the city that he finds very inspiring, extremely cultural and vibrant. 
Pierre-Luc's music choice of the day is anything by Antony and the Johnsons.


Emily, 20, Student

Emily appreciates marmite and often indulges herself with a nice marmite toast for breakfast. She is interested in different cultures, languages, exotic things and French films. Her talents include playing drums and writing with both hands symmetrically. If she had a superpower she would love to be able to teleport to Hawaii right now so she can pop on a hula skirt and start sipping an iced margarita.
Emily's music choice of the day is Psychotic Girl by The Black Keys 
P.S. No, she reassures me she is not a psycho at all.

Sergio, 25, Catwalk choreographer

Sergio loves fashion, films and underground music scene. Apart from that he is interested in pretty much everything else. He enjoys spending time with his friends and meeting new people from all around the world.
His music choice of the day is Until We Bleed by Kleerup ft. Lykke Li


Luque, 22, Fashion student

Luque is a fashion student from Amsterdam who is currently doing an internship for a fashion house in London. He is interested in old school R&B, Asian horror films, drawing and having coffee and cigarets for breakfast. In his spare time Luque enjoys shopping and going out with his friends for some great cocktails. He admires people who do things from scratch and achieve high goals.
Luque's music choice of the day is Differences by Ginuwine


Dale, 29, Recruitment Consultant

Q: Interests?
A: Sky-diving. Beside from that just loads of eating and drinking.
Q: Ideal night out?
A: A big group of friends, quite spontaneous, a lot of surprises.
Q: Superpower?
A: Invisibility
Q: Films?
A: Quite a mix. I like 80s horror films.
Q: Music choice of the day?
A: I have to be honest, I'm going through Adele phase at the moment and her second album is really cool.
Fact: Has a bit of a habit of falling down on his face, particularly when it comes to client meetings.


Stella, 19, Blogger/Student

Stella is interested in history, fashion, shopping, eating out and starting her day with a cup of Starbucks coffee frappuccino. She loves to dress up and walk around London as she finds the city full of inspiration. She wouldn't mind to be able to stop time and have a break as life goes by so fast. People are always surprised by her secret talent- to speak German fluently. Stella's music choice of the day is The suburbs by the Arcade fire.
Check out Stella's blog HERE


Dannie, 19, Singer/ Songwriter

Dannie is a big fan of old Hollywood stars and if she had a chance to travel back in time she would love to meet all of her idols in their prime such as Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda and Audrey Hepburn. Dannie's party tricks are tap dancing and smoking stupid amounts of cigarettes. She was very excited about Valentine's day this year and spent it with her lovely boyfriend who gave her some amazing Vivienne Westwood's heels.
Check out Dannie's band Poor Little Pierrette HERE


Elizabeth, 21, Part-time model/ Student

Elizabeth is interested in fashion photography and Economics. She likes street fashion and believes there is a lot of creativity out there. In her spare time Elizabeth enjoys going out with friends for cocktails and her favourite would have to be Sex on the beach. She would like to be invisible and listen to guys private conversations. 
Elizabeth's music choice of the day is Make you feel my love by Adele


Harry, 21, Student

Harry is interested in life, history of art and tennis. He likes everything creative and people who think outside the box. Harry enjoys going to museums, galleries and ballet. He is excited about going to New York soon where he will be doing an internship at New York Times and making new friends by surprising them with his rather impressive secret talent- inverting eyelids. 
Harry's music choice of the day is Drugs by Ratatat LP4 


Lizzie, 19, Stylist

Lizzie is passionate about films, particularly art house and indie, and wants to do a degree in Film making. She is also into fashion- where her biggest influences are Alexa Chung, Bridgitte Bardott and Edie Sedgwick. No surprises her favourite film is the Factory Girl. Her other interests are screen writing, travelling, socialising and attending house parties where she can practice her party trick- flaming sambuca.
Lizzie's music choice of the day is Not in love by Crystal Castles


Natalina, 46, Fashionista

Natalina is interested in fashion and design. She is inspired by Chanel and Dior. In her spare time she enjoys walking on the streets of London and shopping. Natalina loves the idea of being a free spirit, therefore she wouldn't mind morphing into a flying horse, just like the infamous Pegasus from the Greek mythology. 
Natalina's music choice is anything that her son would listen to, but she also admires music by Andrea Bocelli and Eros Ramazzotti.