Dale, 29, Recruitment Consultant

Q: Interests?
A: Sky-diving. Beside from that just loads of eating and drinking.
Q: Ideal night out?
A: A big group of friends, quite spontaneous, a lot of surprises.
Q: Superpower?
A: Invisibility
Q: Films?
A: Quite a mix. I like 80s horror films.
Q: Music choice of the day?
A: I have to be honest, I'm going through Adele phase at the moment and her second album is really cool.
Fact: Has a bit of a habit of falling down on his face, particularly when it comes to client meetings.


Stella, 19, Blogger/Student

Stella is interested in history, fashion, shopping, eating out and starting her day with a cup of Starbucks coffee frappuccino. She loves to dress up and walk around London as she finds the city full of inspiration. She wouldn't mind to be able to stop time and have a break as life goes by so fast. People are always surprised by her secret talent- to speak German fluently. Stella's music choice of the day is The suburbs by the Arcade fire.
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