Mary, 20, Sales assistant

Mary is a big fan of '50s and enjoys dancing jive and swing. She prefers tea over coffee, and her favourite is Long Island Iced Tea. Great choice for a freezing Saturday evening!
Mary's song of the day is Cat Man by Gene Vincent


Rocky, 29, Film maker

Rocky is from Montreal and interested in cinematography, art, people and socialising. He loves travelling and Madrid is on his 'places to visit' list. He can burp the alphabet, which is quite an intriguing talent to have, but I resisted asking to demonstrate it. Rocky is a big fan of DM, and even has a tattoo with the band's name. His music choice of the day was obvious- Freelove by Depeche Mode.
Please check out his Vimeo channel here Amazing short films!

Rocky is mixing his black Prada jacket with a colourful silk scarf by Alexei Izmaylov. Check out his online store, Christmas is coming!


Rebecca, 23, Youth worker

Rebecca loves street dancing, playing piano and soulful singing. In fact, she is a member of a band called Ubuntu and they are about to record new material.
Rebecca's music choice of the day is Golden by Jill Scott

Check out the colours! Refreshing to see on a grey day.

James, 17, Student

James enjoys reading, music and clothes. He wouldn't mind to have stretchiness as his superpower, inspired by a classy TV show.

Diana, 25, Interior Designer

Ok, so I went into town for a cup of coffee and a catch up session with a close friend when I saw that girl running in heels. Couldn't help but run after her!

Those shoes are made for running.


James, 21, Barman

James was born in Malaysia, but moved to England when he was only 2, so has no memory of Malay. His special talent is the ability to sleep for 12 hours, and then have burgers and chips for breakfast at 3pm like today. James loves going out and socialising, and that would be dangerous if he had his fantasy superpower which is 'manipulating time' as he worries he would be too naughty. If that was his last day on Earth, he wants to believe he would spend it with family and friends...but naaahh...realistically he would just get his hands on a credit card and spend everything on fancy things. Can't blame.
His song of the day is Rolling in the deep by Adele

James got his 3 stars back to Cumbria. He is going to Australia for 4 months soon, surely enough time for another tattoo.


First entry.

Hi and welcome to Publish my Style!

This is my first post and I am trying NOT to make it look too cheesy and telling you how excited I am... I am also NOT intending to tell you that I came up with the idea of having a blog about street fashion spontaneously (as per usual), just a couple of nights ago... and since then been struggling to choose an appropriate name for the whole thing... You know, that is actually not easy! After reviewing a long list of possible names with my flatmate and a cat (both are hating me equally now), emergency calls to friends and chats to strangers on a Friday night out seeking their approvals ('bloody stylish' and 'style on the beach' were particularly popular after a couple of drinks)- I have finally decided to register "Publish My Style" without even asking/telling anyone. There is a serious possibility of regretting my impulsive choice in the morning, but I refuse to believe so.

So here is the question: What is exciting about Publish My Style? 
The answer is YOU. I am going to chase you down the street with my camera in one hand and a list of questions in the other just so that I can tell the world how wonderful you are. Please don't run away too fast (or far), I might be wearing heels. And I hate running in heels.  Mine are made for sipping cocktails in a bar, or travelling by I am expecting some sympathy from you, please.

I am starting to publish your style tomorrow. But for now, here is a sneaky preview of what it is going to be like, and I am introducing you myself.

Irina, 24, Fashion Photographer