James, 21, Barman

James was born in Malaysia, but moved to England when he was only 2, so has no memory of Malay. His special talent is the ability to sleep for 12 hours, and then have burgers and chips for breakfast at 3pm like today. James loves going out and socialising, and that would be dangerous if he had his fantasy superpower which is 'manipulating time' as he worries he would be too naughty. If that was his last day on Earth, he wants to believe he would spend it with family and friends...but naaahh...realistically he would just get his hands on a credit card and spend everything on fancy things. Can't blame.
His song of the day is Rolling in the deep by Adele

James got his 3 stars back to Cumbria. He is going to Australia for 4 months soon, surely enough time for another tattoo.


Ellen ♥ said...

It's all in the shoes :)

Anonymous said...

great style!

l'Oscar revient aux jeunes said...

We Loove you'r blog , and the style of the boy ! :D
WE Follow you .