Harry, 21, Student

Harry is interested in life, history of art and tennis. He likes everything creative and people who think outside the box. Harry enjoys going to museums, galleries and ballet. He is excited about going to New York soon where he will be doing an internship at New York Times and making new friends by surprising them with his rather impressive secret talent- inverting eyelids. 
Harry's music choice of the day is Drugs by Ratatat LP4 


Lizzie, 19, Stylist

Lizzie is passionate about films, particularly art house and indie, and wants to do a degree in Film making. She is also into fashion- where her biggest influences are Alexa Chung, Bridgitte Bardott and Edie Sedgwick. No surprises her favourite film is the Factory Girl. Her other interests are screen writing, travelling, socialising and attending house parties where she can practice her party trick- flaming sambuca.
Lizzie's music choice of the day is Not in love by Crystal Castles


Natalina, 46, Fashionista

Natalina is interested in fashion and design. She is inspired by Chanel and Dior. In her spare time she enjoys walking on the streets of London and shopping. Natalina loves the idea of being a free spirit, therefore she wouldn't mind morphing into a flying horse, just like the infamous Pegasus from the Greek mythology. 
Natalina's music choice is anything that her son would listen to, but she also admires music by Andrea Bocelli and Eros Ramazzotti.